While reviewing the maintenance manual of the YASNAC CNC, a stark realization has dawned on me- when nothing is displayed on the screen, you’re only left with two possibilities. It’s either the CRT itself is broken or the display circuit or connection cables are faulty. Replacing the cables shouldn’t be much of a problem as there must be a ton of generic cables available on the market. What’s concerning is the faulty CRT because when it stops functioning, it calls for the replacement of the whole display unit. Often times, older model CRT’s are a discontinued product line by the OEM, because there just isn’t enough business to warrant supporting them. This is exactly where Monitech shines so brightly!! 

 It is important to keep the CNCs in tiptop shape to keep the production lines running. The YASNAC i80, for example, has been a staple in the manufacturing industries but with the reasons given above you can no longer find brandnew OEM 9“ CRT replacements. The same goes for the 14″ YASNAC 1424AD CRT. There are used CRT’s on auction sites, but they are expensive, with no support after the purchase, and let’s be honest, who knows what you will receive and how long it will last. (no guarantees) 

 The good news is Monitech offers not just the replacement CRT but we have something better- an upgrade kit to turn your current operator terminal into a dashing new technology LCD. Every LCD Upgrade Kit comes with an easy-to-follow Installation Guide that allows you to install it yourself without having to be a seasoned technician. Aside from that, Monitech continuously creates video tutorials, so we can help you throughout the entire installation process as if we’re just right next to you. 

 As a last resort, if all else fails, our Technical Support line is always ready to extend a helping hand. Regardless of the issue (if there’s any, but it almost always go pretty smoothly for our beloved clientele), we guarantee all our industrial display experts are with you in reaching a full resolution to your industrial display woes. Try getting that level of service from an Auction site!! 

 For any question, concern, clarification, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch. 

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