Who to trust in the Industrial Parts & Service industry?

Often times when we search for a product, we end up deciding to buy the cheapest one we can find. While this may save us a few dollars in the beginning, there are many factors to keep in mind before we click the final button.

Smaller companies such as Monitech Industrial and Take2 Electronics spend countless hours in R&D to bring new products and all the features it serves to market. Unfairly as it may seem, bigger companies will track the competition and take this information, which is readily available on the website, and use it to put together a haphazard product, so to not lose market share. This practice is negative in 2 ways:

  • It takes away from the original company that developed the product to recoup the cost of R&D and engineering, as well as associated materials and profits.
  • It gives the end user a sub-par product, with very little after-sale support. This practice will reduce consumer confidence in the product, no matter who is marketing it.

Things to consider before we buy

While on the search for the right product that we need, there are important points to include in the research other than if it fits our purpose, stock quantity, and price.

  1. How long has the company been in service
  2. What are their return policy (if any)
  3. Do they have a technical support team
  4. Reviews matter, previous customer experience
  5. The quality of the product and Product origin
  6. Does the seller have a brick and mortar shop or are they online only.

These factors, while not 100% safe from seller fraud, should be a deciding factor. It is very easy to bid high in a Google paid search to land on the top of page 1. However, care must be taken usually in the way of scrolling past all the adverts and further consideration such as contacting the seller to see how long they take to respond. Most reputable companies install a Live Chat on their website. This makes contacting the Support Team or the Sales Reps much easier than picking up the phone. On that very note, try calling them. Do you get an automated attendant or does a real person pickup the call and help you right away or connect you to the right department.

As you can see, the variables in choosing the right company to work with are many, however, these factors will make the final decision easier, more logical, with a long-term mutually beneficial relationship established. If you ask any company, they nurture the current customer base very dearly, as return business is the foundation of a strong business model. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Do you order the same dish more often than you try new ones? This is return business at the most basic form. Monitech and Take2 Electronics rely on their previous customers, and on the value of Word-of-Mouth marketing. So much so that we will give you a 15% discount coupon for referring our products and services to your affiliated companies. These are the solid foundations of a business that truly cares about their customers and a company that will be here for years to come.

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