Why We Love ANILAM 4200T 

Why is the ANILAM 4200T controller is popular among lathe machine operators? 

 It boasts of its PC-DSP Dual Processor combo coupled with ANILAM 4200T’s two standard I/O modules plus four additional optional I/O modules. With that said, spindle orientation and integrated PLC functionality are both customary for ANILAM 4200Ts. 

  • With ANILAM 4200T, controllers get to enjoy an intuitive icon-based shape editor. 
  • ANILAM 4200T also features a “teach-mode” functionality that provides another way to obtain data for the program. 
  • ANILAM 4200T allows for up to two electronic handwheels, which gives the operators easier access to all the typically used operations. 

 The good news is Monitech and Take2 got you covered in case your ANILAM 4200T controller’s keypad starts breaking down.  

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