Among the many discontinued yet still operating CNC machines across North America today, is the Makino EDNC 64. It is a sinker EDM that is known to create surface finishes that are of superior quality while incurring low production costs. If your EDNC 64’s display suddenly malfunctions, what would you do? 

Being already obsoleted, you can no longer purchase any replacement displays specific for EDNC 64 from the OEM, which is Makino. If you haven’t heard, Makino is a big name in the global manufacturing industry especially in machining. They are one of the few companies that developed Japan’s first ever numerically controlled milling machine. They were then able to expand to North America after the merger with Cincinnati’s R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Company. Today, the notable Makino name has been retained while LeBlond serves as its subsidiary. 

While Makino boasts of its newer EDNC6 sinker EDMs, replacing your entire milling machine just because of a faulty CRT monitor is probably akin to throwing away your car because of a flat tire. Yes, it’s new and top of the line- but is it worth it to break the bank when the good old EDNC 64 can still do the trick? 

The good news is, you can easily replace that broken 14-inch Toshiba E2894XLD CRT of the Makino EDNC-64 not just with another bulky CRT but with a sleek new technology LCD screen. The EDNC 64 LCD upgrade kit offered by Monitech does not only live up to the topnotch OEM quality but is also super easy to install and configure- without a doubt giving a lot of bang for your buck. 

Monitech has a Makino solution for other Makino LCD Upgrade Kits as well. Plus, we’re not confined to just Makino, of course. At last count, we support over 300 CRT to LCD upgrade kits for industrial controller brands. Yep, that’s not a typo- more than 300. All our LCD retrofit kits include the power and video cables, industry leading warranty period, as well as Technical Support (if needed). 

But in case you still can’t find your machine on Monitech or Take2, fret not! Because we engineer, design, and manufacture our products, we can custom make an LCD upgrade kit for you within 1 business week. Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do- and given our almost two decades’ worth of expertise on the industrial display field, my money’s on we can come up with the solution for you. 

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