What’s to Love About the PanelView 1200 

If you know Monitech and Take 2, then you’re probably already aware of how much we love Allen-Bradley– and how we’re so good at it! And we’re especially thrilled to help operators and shop owners preserve their reliable machines powered with PanelView 1200. There are tons of reasons why this is a topnotch line. 


There’s a ton of reasons why the PanelView 1200 is awesome, and thanks to the amazing information from PanelView 1200 User Manual, we got to pick our top three: 


  • Flexibility 

PanelView 1200 operator terminals are fantastic for a wide array of applications spanning many industries. And because of this, it’s easy to convert your whole line into just PanelView 1200 machines, making maintenance and operations easy-peasy. 


  • Affordability 

We’re big on everything cost-effective. If you’re using your PanelView 1200 for OEM applications, then you get massive savings since you don’t even need to spend a dime on the PanelBuilder software. 


  • Durability 

Allen-Bradley is well-known for its high-quality products that would literally last you decades. And PanelView 1200 is no different. It’s built to last- even for harsh industrial applications! 


Keen to know more on why PanelView 1200 is superb? Why don’t you ask your similarly superb industrial display experts at Monitech and Take 2? And you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, too! 



Did you know that aside from our PanelView 1200 monochrome upgrade kit, we have one for the PanelView 1200 color terminal, too?! 


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