Week in Review: Black Friday Blowout 

Week in Review and Random Things – July 5, 2020 – insuriosity

 We provided our beloved clientele with an awesome and exclusive Black Friday price break on ALL Monitech and Take 2 products for a limited time. If you haven’t been a customer before, you must have missed it. But worry not! Because it’s never too late to join the club… and we’re always cooking something awesome every month. 


On top of our best sellers from the Allen-BradleyOkumaFANUC lines, here’s a random top 10 of the LCD Upgrade Kits you might have never known we had: 


  1. Agie Wire EDM 14-inch LCD upgrade kit 
  1. LCD Upgrade Kit for the 12″ Sumitomo SG220U MIV MOHQ0078, MIV MOHQ0078 CRT 
  1. LCD Flat Panel Assembly for Panelmate Power Pro 5785 
  1. LCD Upgrade Kit for a 14″ Victor Data Systems (VDS) CG-13701-TA CRT 
  1. HACO TPC 25 LCD upgrade kit 
  1. LCD Upgrade Kit for 14-inch Amadan 04P-C controller CRT 
  1. LCD Upgrade kit for 9″ CRT Matsuura Sim-16 Yasnac control 
  1. EDM Japax Japt 3J LCD upgrade kit 
  1. LCD Upgrade Kit for a 12-inch monochrome Kristel CRT 
  1. LCD Upgrade Kit for a 12-inch Motorola D3200 monochrome CRT 


Surprised we got these rare finds? Well, don’t be. Because Monitech is the leading Industrial Display Solutions provider in the market- we continuously design, engineer, and develop products you can’t find elsewhere. 


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