If you’re not new to Monitech and Take 2, you’d very well know that we offer overarching industrial display solutions seamlessly meeting the industrial display requirements of hundreds of different brands in the market. And this includes unipo. 

Acquired by the German company BVS Industrie-Elektronik back in 2017, the company continues to support even discontinued original unipo HMI/IPC products. But there’s a catch. 

 What if you’re in North America and you need an LCD replacement right away? 

Well, that’s what Monitech and Take 2 are here for! A down production line surely CAN’T wait. So, if you’re looking for a unipo 2MF1121CTN07 CRT-to-LCD upgrade kit, we have the solution for you. In Stock. Order it today, get it as early as tomorrow- it’s that simple! 

And why even wait for your display to break down? Plot your downtime, which could just be 15 minutes tops IF it’s planned, and replace that bulky old CRT with a sleek and reliable unipo 2MF1121CTN07 LCD. 

 Got questions? Head on to our FAQ page and see if what you’re looking for is there. If it isn’t, you can fill out our inquiry form and our Monitech and Take 2 support team would be responding to you within hours, even minutes (as long as it’s during business hours, of course)! For real-time support, use the chat widget on our Monitech website or give us a call. 

 And in case you didn’t know, we’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Are you feeling social, too? 


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