Pro-face Pros 

 Whichever way that title came across, you’re absolutely right! We’re here to explore the many good reasons why we love Pro-face (and why you should, too) AND yes, we’re your friendly industrial display experts who also cater to your Pro-face needs. 

 Global Presence 

As you may already know, Pro-face has been acquired by energy and automations giant Schneider Electric. This simply means that you have a worldwide network of automation support and a solid brand reputation to back it up on quality and service reliability. 

  • Multiple Standards 

Pro-face products, say the GP4000 touch operator interface series, have gone through rigorous testing and are certified to meet the highest standards such as ULEAC, and CE. 

  • Remote Functionality 

For most touch operator interface models, particularly the GP4000 series line, monitoring and data collection and management can be done remotely with ease- and it works on mobile, too! 

  • Seamless Troubleshooting 

The GP4000 series has an Alarm Analysis Function, which provides a better understanding of the errors encountered onsite and what causes them. And for Pro-face products in general, Schneider Electric is well-known to be among the best in customer service among its peers, so with Pro-face, you get to enjoy the same awesome experience, too. 


And if you ever have trouble with your Pro-face panels, like maybe your GP-410 has become unresponsive, please be reminded that you have Monitech and Take2 to run to! And we do have the Pro-face 3910017-03 (GP4106G1D) ON SALE. RIGHT NOW. 


Don’t think twice and contact us to learn more! And connect with us on Facebook and Twitter because we have something interesting in the works that we’d hate for you to miss out on. 


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