Panelview 1000 Plus backlight strip for 2711PC-T10C4D1

$125.00 USD

PanelView Plus 1000 Terminal # 2711PC-T10C4D1, SER A. LCD#: NEC NL6448BC33-64R

This Backlight is ONLY for Newer Display modules of PanelView Plus 700 thru 1500 are LED Series Displays, and only firmware versions 5.10.11 or later are supported (Refer to LED Display Modules Installation Instructions, Publication Number 2711P-IN030, for full details. You can follow 25776 – PanelView Plus Firmware Upgrade Wizard (FUW) Utility for the firmware update)

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Panelview 1000 Plus backlight strip for 2711PC-T10C4D1, Ser A.


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