Powerflex 525 keypad

PanelView Plus Compact 400 Champs 

 As you know, we at Monitech and Take 2 are your bonafide Industrial Display Solutions expert- we don’t only find the answer, we create them. 

With that said, it brings back a fond memory from roughly four years ago when we created a solution for one of our beloved customers. Have you ever found a PanelView Plus Compact 400 touchscreen + keypad overlay 2711P-T4T that’s ever-so reliable and with a quality you know you can trust? I mean, other than ours? No? Thought so. 

The PanelView Plus Compact 400 touchscreen + keypad overlay 2711P-T4T that we’re so proud of is our very own- designed and engineered by your trusty innovators at Monitech. To be honest, we haven’t really thought that there was a pressing need for it. Then one day, our client came to us with the problem they knew only we can fix. And boy, they were so right. 

Do you have any Industrial Display woe you badly need a solution for? Fret not ‘cos you have us- Monitech and Take 2! And your problems are our problems- and we’re known to always have the answer. 

Let us know how we can help you because we’d love to! We’re on social media, too- connect and engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. And why don’t you end the year with a bang with our uber awesome December promo? 

Talk soon! 


Did we mention that you can get our PanelView Plus Compact 400 touchscreen + keypad overlay 2711P-T4T at 50% OFF!? 


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