Remember November 


We’re feeling extra generous this month, and we’ve got an awesome deal from our sought-after Allen-Bradley PanelView line- get a staggering $100 off on our refurbished LCD Upgrade Kit for PanelView 1400e! 


That’s right- for just $695, you get a lower-priced LCD Retrofit Kit for PanelView 1400e including all its cables and accessories that make the upgrade easy-peasy! What’s the catch? There’s none! We hold quality to the highest standard, so any LCD with a small dead pixel at the bottom of the screen or a minor scratch never gets sold as brand new. We tag it as refurbished and we give it to you at this super low cost (‘cos they’re not as perfect as they ought to be)- although they function just as well as the full-priced ones! And they are Tested the same way, we brun them-in to ensure you get the highest quality which is the Monitech Standard.  


So if you’re not that bothered with aesthetics, you could save about a couple hundred bucks when you go the refurbished way. But November is a month to remember for PanelView fans because you get to save a hundred MORE from our refurbished PanelView 1400e kits! 


PanelViews are already a sweet Allen-Bradley offering in itself- they’re fast, flexible, reliable, and intuitive. And since we started 15 years ago, Monitech and Take 2 just made that excellent CNC terminal line a whole lot sweeter. But as you can see, we didn’t stop there. 


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