We are pleased to announce that we can supply you with touchscreens for the Allen Bradley Panelview 1200 and 1400e HMI controls. After receiving many calls asking about these products, we have come up with a replacement touchscreen that is a perfect match.

Whether your screen is damaged by years of use, an electrical failure, or being accidentally struck, we know that a damaged touchscreen can be just as crippling as a downed machine. Panelview 1200 and 1400e repair parts are always in stock in USA or Canada, and we ready to ship your order right away, so to minimize downtime and frustrations.

Installing a new screen is a simple process, that can be completed in around an hour with basic tools and a limited mechanical knowledge. If you are uncomfortable doing preforming the install yourself, there are a few options for you. For local customers within our area, we can send a technician to you to install the screen for you. Our customers who are outside of our travel area, you can send your monitor to us, and we will install the screen in our workshop. Regardless of the situation, we will have your machine back up and running in a very short time, rather than waiting for an overseas supplier to send you the wrong part!!

We can send your package with whatever courier company you choose, from FedEx to UPS. If you have a shipping account set up with a courier, we are happy to ship it on your account. If you do not, we will prepay and add the cost to your invoice, simple!

To find out more information about our Allen Bradley Panelview 1200 and 1400e Keypads and touchscreens, please 
contact us!



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