It was back in 1986 when PanelMate was first introduced. Since then, there have been six generations of PanelMate, with Eaton’s PanelMate ePro as the latest system available today. What probably best sets PanelMate apart from similar OI products would be the fact that it is the only one that allows the taking of applications from the very first generation and running them on the latest systems. This conversion procedure allows the preservation and continuous service of PanelMate units for over 20 years. PanelMate is a true game-changer in the industrial automation field. Its quality, construction, durability, and features are considered topnotch by experts in the industry.  


One of PanelMate’s earlier and obsoleted generations would be the 91-0 Series by Cutler-Hammer, which has been acquired by Eaton- a Fortune 500 company whose last year’s sales amounted to as much as $17.86 billion. Although system integrators can transfer applications from old PanelMate units to newer ones, it still is a whole different topic when it comes to hardware failure. 


Eaton has stopped supporting the obsolete PanelMate units, which means spare part manufacturing has long been halted. Say, for instance, your screen develops a dark spot, you cannot buy any PanelMate replacement screen no matter how hard you look, and you could be forced to upgrade your CNC controller to a whole new and much more expensive system altogether- well, not really. 


Thanks to Monitech, you don’t have to break the bank to keep your production lines running. For instance, when you have a faulty PanelMate 91-00935-00 monitor, you don’t have to change your entire CNC controller system to a Pro version- you can just replace your display with Monitech’s ML121LLMATE-10. What’s more, ML121LLMATE-10 would also work for various PanelMate machines like 91-00992-00, 91-01536-03, and even the MM-PMC2-200. 


Aside from the 91-0 Series, Monitech’s CRT to LCD upgrades also includes the LCD kit for the 14-inch PanelMate 4000 CRT, the part number for which is ML121LL4000. There is a whole lot more, to be honest. Just type in “PanelMate” on the search bar and you’ll be able to browse pages of different Monitech offers, even a Panelmate 39PTHX PM3000 Touchscreen (MTPM3000)! 


There are so many different machines running in thousands of factories all over world, with different brand and model preferences. But hey, whatever works for us, right? What they all do have in common, though, is that their manufacturers tend to discontinue supporting them in just a few years or so and that leaves their customers hanging- unless they spend a fortune to upgrade to products that are still perfectly functional. But why upgrade when your machine can still do the trick with only a few minor repairs required? When you get a crack in the windshield, you don’t throw the whole car away. You get it repaired, which incidentally brings me to the next point. Monitech offers Repair services for your controller display.  


That’s where Monitech stands- bridging the gap between everything you need and all of the parts OEM’s would no longer provide. Are there questions boggling your mind? Maybe the answer is here. Better yet, talk to us about it! We’re just a filled-out form, email, chat, or phone call away. 


In these times of obsoleted PanelMates with spares nowhere to be found, why not let Monitech be your guide. 


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