Okuma, Anyone? 

 Okuma is among the leading Japanese CNC brands, and it has stood strong for over 12 decades ever since it was founded in Nagoya in 1898. Cool, huh? But did you know that the company started the business on the desire to make the perfect udon? 

 It has definitely been a long journey, and on the way, Okuma created the machine shop favorite- the OSP controls. And Monitech and Take2, naturally, obliged. Among the hundreds of parts and products we carry, we made sure that many sought-after Okuma components are available for our diverse clientele. 

Whether it’s an Okuma OSP 700M or OSP5000 / OSP5020 LCD Upgrade Kit or a replacement Okuma OSP-E11L / OSP-U20G LCD Display, you can bet we have it. We didn’t even stop with just screens- we have Okuma backlights, too! We have the LED backlight and Inverter to replace a CCFL in an Okuma OSP7000, OSP700L, and OSP100U. 

 And when you have an Okuma need that isn’t on the Monitech and Take2 websites, you know the drill! Be sure to get in touch with our brilliant team- call, chat, email, or contact form would all do just fine. You know us, we’re flexible. Unlike the overpriced OEM, we actually respond to your request! 

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