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Here at LCDupgrades we specialize in providing industrial grade LCD monitors and display components such as Touch screens, keypads and overlay replacements for manufacturing machinery controls. Below please find previous Promos and releases. Feel free to comment or contact us for more info.

Q3 2021

Exciting News from Monitech Innovation Team

Monitech Innovation Technicians have made great leaps and bounds in brining you the latest and greatest devices to help you with your day to day operations. We have developed 2 new ideas that we think are the best invention since Sliced Bread!

  1. LCD Frequency Meter
    In order to help you troubleshoot the issues with the LCD display, we have developed the new FM device which when plugged in, will show a read out of  the Horizontal and Vertical Sync signal numbers. This report along with a very simple and easy to follow User Guide will prove that there is an issue, or there is no issues with the Monitech LCD. You can see this device at work by visiting our Youtube video.
  2. Remote Controller Monitor
    The other device we have perfected is the remote monitoring of the controller HMI screen. What this unit does is that it gives you the power and flexibility to walk away from the controller and still see the controller output screen. For example if you are making a long running part on the mill, you can safely walk away and still see the HMI LCD. A supervisor can launch the app and see where a particular machine is with regards to a run. and many more ideas, which we are exploring. You can see this device at work on our youtube channel also.

Please feel free to contact us for more info on the above, and remember to Like our videos and to comment. You can also post your feedback here on our website.

2021 Q2

With the ongoing Pandemic around the Globe, and with many MFG plants working hard to produce PPE and Respirators,   Monitech and all it’s affiliates are managing to stay open to support the MFG effort with much needed repair parts. You can visit the Products page to search for your controller display replacement, or simply contact us either by eMail or our Toll Free line to discuss your particular case. 

Contact Us Below is a sample of what we offer: 


Q1 2021

Monitech is 15 years old and Proudly Marching Forward!! 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Starting of our 16th year in Business!!.
Monitech has been the rock solid and well established customer service-minded company with benchmark Replacement Parts which are often replicated but never duplicated. Our Replacement Parts and services to your Controller Display systems are the best in the industry with our Engineers and Technicians sharing their vast knowledge and ability with you the valued customer. It is with special thanks to our returning clients and new prospects that we can proudly make this announcement.  

Looking forward to serving you with your automation machinery display requirements for many more years ahead.  

Q4 News Release

Great News For Our Customers

Our LL Series LCD Replacement Monitors now have an 18 month warranty. The very affordable and highly reliable Light LCD series of 12.1 inch and 10.4 inch upgrade kits are now protected by an 18 month warranty. Please contact us to request a quote for your controller monitor replacement retrofit kit. We have a large inventory of parts here in USA and Canada for fast delivery.

Referral Rewards

Receive 15% OFF when the company you refer us to buys our product. Very simple! Everyone wins. Please send your referral info to so that we may keep track of where to send the 15% Discount Code Coupon. One time use, good for one year from the issue date. Please help us spread the good word.

Q3 News Release

Custom Display Developments and Repair Work

LCDupgrades is continually adding to the line up of displays we service. From our excellent Repair Services, to “Do-It-yourself” (DIY) upgrade kits for LCD units and backlight replacements, to controller terminal keypads and Touchscreen overlays; we are constantly looking to offer you more products and services. If you do not see your specific product line or controller listed, we ask that you contact us. We have the necessary Engineering experience to develop an affordable and customized solution for your application here in North America. Feel free to send your requirements directly to our sales department , we will respond within 1 business day.

Stay tuned and visit this page often for more Monitech Corporate News and developments

Sept 2020

Here at LCDupgrades we have put a limited quantity of our Economy LCD units on Sale this month. If you need a Mazak CRT to LCD upgrade kit, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one of these units. We include our plug and play cable kit as well as warranty. Click here to see the webpage now.

Sept Promo pic

LCDupgrades Q2 -2020 – News Release

LCDuprades engineers have released a new batch of LED Back-light replacements for different controllers. This easy to install series are designed with quality, Value, and Do-It-Yourself in mind, with almost all the work already done for you. You simply slide out your currently broken and dim CCFL back-light bulb and replace it with our “High Lumens” LED version. These Back-Lights come with an easy to follow (printed) install guide to help you along the way. Please Contact Us with your back-light requirement and we will provide a quick and affordable solution.

Cutler-Hammer 1785T backlights Okuma 7000 backlight LED backlight Mazatrol Fusion CNC 600 plus backlights

Long Beach Westec Trade show

Westec show picWe had a booth at the Westec MFG trade show this past Sept 24, 25 & 26,  booth #256. We had an excellent show this time with lots of foot traffic stopping by to checkout our displays on hand. We even had a 43 inch Smart TV that was raffled to a lucky winner. All you had to do is write on your business card which industrial machines you currently have in your shop, and then drop your card in the hat, That’s it-!

August 2019 News

During the month of August 2019 we offered  a Free Shipping promotion, which was extended to September. This is a very popular Promo, and needless to say it was a smashing success!


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