Motorola is Calling Fanuc Controller

When we say Motorola, you’re probably thinking of cellphones. And who doesn’t? It has been uber famous in the past for its handsets. Although that success has become a thing of the past with the rapid evolution in consumer taste and preferences when it comes to smartphones. Back then it was BlackBerry, then came the iPhones. 

But that isn’t the Motorola we’re looking to discuss here. Did you know that Motorola created industrial display CRTs, too? 

Motorola and Display Tech manufactured monitor series way back. But these are now obsolete and have become increasingly difficult to repair or even replace.  

The good news is at Monitech and Take 2, we offer both the Motorola DS3200 and DS3000 CRT-to-LCD upgrade kits that won’t only resolve the your Motorola industrial display issue but also elevate your CNC machine into a whole new level of awesome. 

As you probably already know, Monitech and Take 2 are topnotch at exactly that- engineering solutions when you can’t find any. So even if the industrial display woe you’re having is not at all Motorola-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch and your trusty experts will surely find ways to help you. 

And in case you haven’t heard, we’re all over social media, too: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube  

Stay tuned for all the updates because at Monitech and Take 2, something amazing is always in the works. 


Did you know that we also have the LCD upgrade kit for the 9” Motorola M2000-355 CRT, too!? 


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