Nice play on words!!

Being the world’s largest EDM manufacturer, Sodick just released new additions to their long line of EDMs this year- the AL40G/AL60G Series. These die-sinker EDMs boast of Sodick’s five core technologies with a matching ten-year positioning guarantee. Who’d say no to that? 

Sodick’s stunning legacy dates as far back as 1976 to its inception in Yokohama City in Japan. Sodick started with just NC EDMs and then went on to expand to injection molding3D printing, and high-speed milling among others. With the company’s strong drive for development, Sodick has established itself as an EDM pioneer. As Sodick Founder and Chaiman Toshihiko Furukawa puts it, “Our work is to build tomorrow. 

The MARK Series is among the earliest Sodick models and have contributed enormously in Japan’s manufacturing industry in the ‘80s. And true to the Japanese standard of quality and reliability, MARK EDMs are still serving the manufacturing sector up to this very day- not only in Japan, but also in the US, and the rest of the world. 

As much as these MARK machines have proven time and time again how superior Sodick EDMs are, these are no longer offered in the market and all that’s left are legacy machines that, while durable and resilient, would require continuous maintenance and repair like all the others. And finding spares might be a more challenging task than you’d expect. 

The good news is Monitech and Take2 got your display woes covered. Our Sodick LCD Upgrade Kit covers all MARK machines- from I to XX, 25, and EX. And yes, you read it right. This is not just a replacement; this is an upgrade. And yes again, I really said we can make your MARK machines better than ever. 

And all this time I was blabbering about Sodick and you’re telling me you have a different machine and you can’t find it on both the Monitech and Take2 sites? No biggie! If you can’t find your display, let us know and we’ll engineer a solution for you. We also have a comprehensive FAQ page for all the other stuff you’ve been wondering about. And honestly, hit us up– I don’t care if you just want to say hi ‘cos we’d love to hear from you! 

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