Kristel Clear Kristel

Forgive the pun, but it’s true… Here at Monitech and Take2, we offer high-quality and reliable industrial display solutions not only for big brand names like Allen-Bradley, FANUC, and Toshiba but also and most especially for hard-to-find parts. The picture? It’s Kristel clear.  

Here are some Kristel CRT-to-LCD solutions Monitech and Take2 currently have on offer:  

This is the LCD Upgrade Kit for a 12-inch monochrome Kristel 2523-A42, 25RE-A72, 25RE-A92, and 25REA CRT. It’s also a suitable replacement for a Kawaguchi EUA-CIK510 12-inch monochrome CRT. 

This is the LCD Upgrade Kit for a 14-inch Kristel 5580-N02 CRT. 

This is the LCD Upgrade Kit for a 9-inch Matsushita M-C9004N, Omnivision LP0918L88, Matsushita M-C9001N, and Bostomatic Monochrome CRT. The good news is it suitable replaces a whole bunch of other CRTs, too- a 9″ Kristel monochrome CRT included. 

This is the LCD Upgrade Kit for a Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 2100 CRT and a 14-inch Kristel 26K14MA38H CRT.  

All our CRT-to-LCD Upgrade Kits come with the corresponding cable kit that makes the installation simple and effortless. It’s essentially plug-and-play! But of course, an Installation Guide is part of the deal, too. The CRT-to-LCD switch is the easiest thing you’d ever have to do with your machine. 

Wait, there’s more! You’re never left on your own when you choose Monitech and Take2. Our trusty technical support is readily available to address concerns you might have. Whether you can’t find what you’re looking for, want to know more about a certain product, or having issues with your purchase, feel free to get in touch. 

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