Keeping the Fadal Legacy Alive 

Fadal VMC machine

Many machine owners and operators in the USA today have greatly relied on Fadal CNCs- affordable workhorses that are built by machinists for machinists. 


Do you still remember when Fadal once closed its Chatsworth manufacturing facility back in 2008? Loyal Fadal operators and shop owners alike must have felt the blow back then. The good thing is they made a comeback in 2014 in partnership with the MERRILL Technologies Group (MTG). At that time, they launched the classic VMC series that soon became a staple in many machine shops. 


Fadal has since continued to offer redesigned and levelled-up VMC series that are improved versions of their legacy CNC machines they’ve produced for over four decades. 


Just like Fadal, Monitech and Take 2 are your partners in keeping your machine shops productive and in tiptop shape. We understand the Fadal machines’ immense value in American workshops and this is exactly why we’ve engineered industrial display solutions that would help keep your productivity up and your operations uninterrupted. 


A lot of pre-owned Fadal CNC machines are still all over the market today, both those produced before they closed down in 2008 as well as those manufactured after they partnered with MTG in 2014. And whether you bought your CNC decades back or purchased a pre-owned one recently, we offer fast, affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use LCD upgrade kits for these Fadal VMC units  to elevate your Fadal VMC experience: 



Regardless if you have a pre-owned machine, simply an old one, or even something fairly new, you’d always have Monitech and Take 2 for your Fadal VMC industrial display needs. And if you don’t see your Fadal machine on the list or on our website, VMC or not, just let us know. We’ll engineer solutions for you- that’s what we do! 


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