Siemens is one of today’s leading global industrial automation corporations and among their long list of sought-after control and monitoring systems are the highly efficient, innovative, and flexible SIMATIC HMI Panels. 

 This includes the MP 377 Series, which is particularly high-performance. The SIMATIC Multi Panel 377 PRO is suitable wherever you need to automate the operation and control of your machines or industrials plants, although this product family would be best for applications with highly demanding HMI tasks. 

But did you know that the SIMATIC MP 377 pro 15″ Touch multi panel will soon be off the market? According to the PLM major milestones for SIMATIC Panels on the Siemens website, the SIMATIC MP 377 pro has reached the product phase-out announcement milestone last 2016. This means that the 10-year spare parts warranty has started while the product can still be ordered as a new part. It is, however, not actively marketed anymore. It is worth noting, though, that SIMATIC HMI accessories would remain available throughout the entire lifecycle of the core products. Put simply, the accessories would remain available until the product is cancelled. 

 PLM is a norm and product lines are continuously being replaced and migrated to new ones. But of course, high-quality products usually outlive their respective lifecycle. And if the system functions like a well-oiled machine, why migrate to a whole new product line when it’s not necessary, am I right? 

And that’s why we’re here- to let you make the most of your machines, especially after the OEM support for them is already over. For the SIMATIC MP 377 pro panel 6AV6644-2AB01-2AX0, for example, Monitech and Take 2 engineered a replacement touchscreen that’s just as reliable- but for lesser cost and better availability. 

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