Hurco Ultimax 2

2 options, Dual screen or single screen.

The goal of this new post is to familiarize you with the different Hurco products we carry. The love affair between Milltronics and Hurco runs very deep. At the moment Milltronics is a division of Hurco which is owned by Siemens, much like LCDupgrades is a Division of Monitech. The beauty of the Hurco system is that they have a dual monitor screen controller, where the operator can adjust multiple settings without changing screens. Hurco Ultimax II dual screen monitor is an exclusive design by Monitech, which we support and distribute. 

We also carry the Single screen Hurco Ultimax 3 (Ultimax III) If you could find the CRT from the OEM, it would cost you much more than the reliable LCD version that we carry. Making this choice an easy one, click ADD TO CART and the easy installation screen will be shipped to you the same day (if you order by 2 PM EST)

Single Hurco LCD screen


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