CRT to LCD has never been easier now adays, mostly because all the hard work is being done by the engineers. The hardest part of this whole process is to take out the broken old legacy CRT that is inside the controller housing right now. Care must be taken to NOT TOUCH the aptly named fly-back transformer (capacitor) as it holds very high voltage.

You can watch the short video (Click Here) or read on.

Unscrew the current CRT from the housing, leaving the bare metal frame (where the CRT was bolted to) in place. It is recommended that you do not throw out any cables, as in some cases the cables provided will couple with the old cables to make the new LCD work. Plug in the 12V power provided in the kit and pay attention to the printed install guide that accompanies the LCD. That’s it! you should be ready to flip on the power and see your new LCD display in action.

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