CNC Controller CRT Repair

Do you have a broken CNC display? Is the OEM (Original Equipment MFG) gone out of business, or they do not carry that part any more? is the repair part worth as much as your car?? Well, you need not look any further, we are here to rescue you.

The automation machinery have long used the CRT screens in their graphic terminal controller because that was the only choice available to them. Well, that has all changed now.  The LCD choice is the perfectly cost effective solution for replacing the old style displays. Our resellers like Take2 Electronics and are ready to serve you with your requirements. They carry a full line of inventory for the had to find monitors and touchscreens and keypads, better known as the Operator Interface or HMI repair parts.

We even have an eBay store front to make it easy for you to find and securely purchase the repair parts you need. If at any point you need our help, please feel free to Contact Us. You can also visit our Facebook page, or Twitter, or simply write a feedback on our Testimonials and Feedback page. Please take a moment to read previous Customer Reviews of our parts and services, we pride ourselves in many good reviews from reliable sources.