Here is What’s New at HEIDENHAIN 

HEIDENHAIN has been taking the industrial sector by storm ever since its inception in Berlin in 1889. Widely known as an industrial automation pioneer for centuries now, HEIDENHAIN continues to serve the industrial market with the new TNC7 that would redefine the high standards of CNC control. 

Be on the lookout for everything superb the HEIDENHAIN TNC7 has in store: 

  • Design 
  • User Interface 
  • Smart programming 
  • Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) 
  • Component Monitoring 
  • Process Monitoring 


On the other hand, even if you’re the owner or operator of a decades-old HEIDENHAIN machine, there’s more good news from Monitech and Take2. 


If your reliable old HEIDENHAIN controllers are only failing on the industrial display end but can still do the job quite well, you don’t have to ditch them just yet. 


Monitech and Take2 a wide variety of CRT-to-LCD HEIDENHAIN upgrade kits that can still take timeworn machines onto the next level of awesome: 


And if you don’t see yours on the list, contact us and let’s see how we can help. We can easily “Custom” create a new LCD upgrade kit for your unit, in case we don’t have it in stock yet. It’s easy with your friendly experts at Monitech and Take2– just like how it ought to be! 


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