Happy Holidays! 


It has been another rollercoaster ride, and we’re extremely thankful to come out of another pandemic year strong. And Monitech and Take2 couldn’t have made it without YOU. 


We are eternally grateful to… 

  • Our loyal clientele of dedicated and hardworking end-users whose commitment to quality we can only match with our same level of high standards and seamless customer experience. And thus, we have continued our referral program for helping your fellow machine owners and operators keep the production lines running. Thank you for spreading the word! 
  • Our awesome resellers who continue to spread the Monitech and Take2 goodness to their own customer base, allowing for a wider reach of end-users who can make the most out of the Monitech and Take2 brand of service, quality, and commitment. Thank you for your continued patronage! 
  • Our avid blog readers who never get tired of hearing what we have to say. Thank you for lending an ear and for always being open to our thoughts and ideas! 
  • Our brilliant Monitech and Take2 team for consistently upholding a high level of customer-focused service. There’s no Monitech and Take2 without its beautiful people. 
  • And finally, all the wonderful moments of 2021, which made us here at Monitech and Take2 even stronger and better than ever. 


And we’re happy we get to share all of this with YOU. Another year has gone, and it is one for the books for sure! 


Wishing you love, hope, and joy this holiday season, and we hope you get to pause, reflect, and recharge for what’s to come. 


SEE YOU IN 2022! 


All the best, 

Your Monitech and Take2 Family 


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