Getting to Know the Bro 

 Brother, as a brand, is arguably most famous for its affordable yet reliable printers. Little did the general public know that this Japanese electronics and electrical equipment manufacturer has dabbled with a whole other array of products like desktop computers, sewing machines, and even industrial electronics like CNCs. 

What’s interesting is, if you’re a football fan, Brother even had a long-standing sponsorship deal with Man City. Remember those striking blue Man City apparel? But of course, nothing lasts forever- not even that Man City partnership. On that note, even their CNC machines also had been discontinued- good old well-built machines, still up and running, but with no spare. And as any machine owner would know, this is a dangerous path to tread. 

 Luckily, Monitech and Take2 have an amazing news! There’s no need to worry about where to get a hold of those Brother spares because we keep ready-to-ship stocks just in case you’d need them. A reliable replacement for a Brother NV0932YU CRT, for instance, is quite elusive. But Monitech and Take2 made things a lot more awesome by not just having a replacement for the bulky CRT but even manufacturing a sleek LCD upgrade that adds more years to your ever-dependable machine. The same goes for the Victor Data Systems Brother (ME-9603-BR2) CRT and the Brother PC221 monochrome CRT. 

If you couldn’t find the exact part you need for your Brother industrial display, just get in touch with either Monitech or Take2– They are not only in the business of selling, they also have a very well trained engineering and manufacturing department to figure out a solution for your every industrial display need quickly and affordably. 

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