Get to Know the FANUC 0i-MD 


While FANUC has long been a reputable industrial automation leader, its 0i and 0i Mate- Model D Series is specifically celebrated for its reliability, functionality, and value for money. True enough, 0i-MD may already be passé compared to the newer FANUC CNC solutions, but its robustness allows it to continuously be a dependable CNC solution in many factories and shops until this very day. 


Well-known for its suitability to high-performance CNC operations, the 0i-MD supports a total of 8 axes with a maximum of 4 simultaneous controllable axes- making the 0i-MD the CNC solution of choice for milling machines. 


The 0i-MD is an ultra-compact CNC that adopted ECC technology allowing it to correct errors during data transfer. It is also equipped with a high-speed microprocessor that greatly improved the efficiency of data processing. And while we’re talking speed, did you know that the 0i-MD’s serial communication is also made ultra-fast with its fewer cables? 


0i-MD’s communication is also made even better with its embedded ethernet. Plus, it has both PCMCIA and USB memory interfaces, too. 


As if it isn’t already super awesome with all these features, the 0i-MD is well-loved by A LOT of CNC operators because of how extremely user-friendly it is. Editing the CNC program is made hassle-free with various PC-like operations like cut and paste. More so, the CNC data can all be saved and restored with one operation- and as previously mentioned, you can do it conveniently with a USB flash drive. Now, that’s maintenance made easy! The 0i-MD also supports 22 languages, and you can easily switch from one to another with one simple operation without having to turn the unit off. 


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