GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Troubleshooting Features 

 If you can recall, industrial giants GE and FANUC once partnered together in ‘80s and launched the GEFANUC Automation Corporation. Although short-lived, this partnership has produced topnotch industrial products such as the GEFANUC Series 90-30. Here is a quick overview of the Troubleshooting Features of the Series 90-30 PLC, which is discussed in detail in the Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual. 

 Indicator Lights and Terminal Boards 

Series 90-30 has indicator lights where every indicator light corresponds to every circuit connection point on an I/O Module’s terminal board. 

  • LED Indicators 

The Series 90-30 LED indicators include both the input and output module LED indicators as well as LED indicators for the power supply, CPU, and option modules. 

  • Programming Troubleshooting Features 

The Series 90-30 software also features ladder and configuration screens, fault tables that include both the PLC Fault Table and the I/O Fault Table, system status references, standard and mixed reference tables, an override feature, and SER and DOIO functional instruction. 

The GEFANUC Series 90-30 products are generally not field-repairable although some of their modules do have replaceable fuses. But if it’s just your GEFANUC Series 90-30 controller keypad you’re having issues with, you’re in luck because Monitech and Take 2 do have the solution for you. 

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