Allen Bradley Error 31 Solved!

Here’s what you must do to clear “error 31 non-touch” from a PanelView HMI controller. Your touchscreen has failed, and no amount of repeated reboots of the controller will not make this go away. You must replace the touchscreen.

First things first, jump on and search for your model (PaneView 550, Panelview 600, 600 Plus, 700, 900, 1000, 1200, PanelView 1400e etc…) Or contact us.


Step 1:  Remove the back cover of your PanelView and unplug your touchscreen and/or Keypad

Step 2: Test the PanelView.  If you do not get an error, then your keypad and/or touchscreen is defective

Step 3: Remove the front bezel and take the touchscreen and overlay off (Pro tip: for PanelView touchscreen that is stuck to a front bezel, put it in the freezer and the glue freezes and comes off easy)

Step 4: Install Monitech replacement touchscreen/keypad.  CAUTION!!!  You only get one chance to stick it down. You cannot remove this without damaging it once it is stuck.  Go slow and be precise.

Step 5: Final Test.

Contact Monitech for support if you need us.

We have lots of Touchscreens as well as touchscreen with a numerical keypad (combo) like 2 devices in one. You get a nice new looking machine, and you will be the envy of all your boss and your peers!! A hero in the making, so go for glory.

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