Elo: Join the Revolution 

 We are now in what many industry experts would call Industry 4.0 a.k.a. the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR, which is mainly characterized by data-driven approach and increase in automation, ultimately resulting to lean, effective, and efficient production. 

 Through Elo‘s product portfolio, the brand has created a streamlined ecosystem of devices that seamlessly communicate and work together, especially with its enterprise Android solution through Elo‘s I-Series. 

Just like the global leader EloMonitech and Take2 are 100% advocating for efficient production and zero downtimes! And we want this for everyone- for all who can afford to ride the Industry 4.0 wave AND for those who can’t. Yet. 

 That is why we design and engineer awesome industrial display solutions that mostly cater to legacy machines and controllers- but of course, we have solutions for newer units, too. 

 While we’re on Elo, did you know that we have the 15.01510-0159-0168 touchscreen replacement in stock? 

Get in ~touch (pun intended) to learn more! And why don’t we connect on Facebook and Twitter, too? We have something interesting in the works that you wouldn’t want to miss.  


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