To answer your question: Yes. Monitech and Take2 both carry LCD’s smaller than 32 inches. Not many companies left in the world who make CRT screens any more.

The story of LCD screen size is unlike any other. Usually the price grows as the screen size grows and this is true in a sense. However, the opposite is also true in this case. while you will pay a pretty penny now a-days for a large screen Smart TV, once you go below 17 inch LCD displays the price starts to rise again. Our parent company Monitech Industrial Displays manufacture LCD screens as small as 4 & 5 inches! and yes, you will pay a pretty penny for the small LCD also.

Our affiliate store Take2 Electronics have a 6.4 inch monitor for Fagor 8020/8025 as well as

Any larger than this and you would have to contact us. Lots of Pinball machines and video game consoles still use the large format CRT style displays, but because they display the same image day after day they are starting to fail. The LCD panels are immune to Burn-In that happens to all CRT phosphor screens. As well, LCD screens run at a lot lower voltage, so switching from a CRT to LCD will save you a bundle over the years. If you require more info, please feel free to Contact Us.


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