Do You Know Kent? 


Which Kent, you ask. Kent Modular Electronics to be exact. Yeah, that’s the UK-based display giant KME. You must have heard of them- they’ve been around ever since 1976 (that’s almost 5 decades!) and they’re a major player in the display solutions game. Industrial, marine, military, rail- name your application, they got a display for you. And you must be especially familiar with their CRT monitors if you own an AMADA Press Brake. 


The KME 2612M004 CRT is used in one and if you’re looking to level up your game with a dashing LCD upgrade, you’re in luck because it’s easy-peasy. You can grab a high-quality KME 2612M004 LCD Upgrade Kit from  Monitech and Take 2, and it sure does give you a bang for your buck. It’s essentially plug-and-play, too! Affordable, reliable, easy to use and install, and readily available- what could top that? 


And of course, that’s not all the KME we got. 


For anything KME, whether you’re just shopping around, still on the fence about it, or even when you’re 100% sure, feel free to contact your trusty industrial display experts. And if you’re feeling social, you can find and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, too! Stay updated with all the awesome things we got in store. 


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