Decoding Your FANUC Needs 

It’s no secret that Monitech and Take2 have long been many CNC operator’s go-to supplier for a variety of CNC display needs, particularly in replacing the old and bulky FANUC CRTs with sleek FANUC LCD displays. 

Usually, when you’re encountering difficulties in finding the Monitech part you need, you get in touch with our super awesome team to help you out. And we’re always glad when you do! But how can we reduce the back-and-forth or, even better, empower you to pinpoint the exact part you’re looking for? 

When it comes to sleek FANUC Monitor LCD displays, there are two key information that would tremendously be beneficial: the A61L and A02B numbers. We can also use the controller model to extract / Cross Reference the correct Monitech LCD Kit for you. 

The most important detail we’d need to figure out the perfect FANUC replacement LCD is the A61L number, which is the FANUC monitor code. This would directly lead us (or you!) to the FANUC LCD Upgrade Kit you’re looking for, say the 12-inch Fanuc A61L-0001-0087 with a Matsushita TX-1204AC CRT. Or the Fanuc A61L-0001-0077 LCD upgrade kit. 

Although the A61L info is king, having the A02B number is a pretty helpful confirmation, too. A02B stands for the FANUC controller model. For instance, we’d know that for the A02B-0072-C021 controller, which is commonly found in FANUC 15T and FANUC 10 machines, the perfect replacement is most probably the FANUC LCD Upgrade kit for the 14” A61L-0001-0074 CRT. Same goes for the A02B-0092-C200 controller with the 12.1″ FANUC LCD Upgrade Kit for the A61L-0001-0094 CRT. 

And when both key details do not lead to anything right away, worry not! We’re still here to extend our best support just the same. Call, chat, fill out our inquiry form, or send an email– whichever you find most convenient! 

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