Looking at the sea of Allen Bradley PanelViews out there, most of them are probably already obsolete. Well, the entire PanelView Plus line is. They are already on PanelView 5000 if you haven’t heard. The good thing is you have the option to migrate an older version to a new one, say from PanelView Plus Series 6 to PanelView Plus Series 7. So that kind of secures the continuity of your legacy systems and backups your applications. You are even given the option to do the migration either at once or in phases, whichever suits your finances best. But is it really the most cost-effective option for you to migrate? Nah. 

 If your PanelView Plus 1000 touchscreen stops responding, for example, would you migrate your entire system just because of that? Sure, a malfunctioning touchscreen cripples your entire production making you lose thousands of dollars per hour. But does one broken touchscreen justify upgrading the entirety of your system just to keep your production line running? Really, one touchscreen? Give me a break. 

 When the problem really is with the touchscreen itself (because sometimes it could be a software issue or maybe you have an incompatible logic module), you can just replace it. No need to overhaul the entire system for one teeny-tiny part, and no need to spend a fortune at that. Yes, I remember that PanelView Plus 1000 is already discontinued and Rockwell Automation would never sell you a spare no matter how hard you beg- not necessarily that they just don’t want to but it’s just they don’t make it anymore. Okay, so where? From the after-market experts, of course- Monitech! 

 The Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 touchscreen is yours for the taking and if you need it urgently, you can even receive it the day after you settle your order- because Monitech always has it in stock! (But you still must beat the daily order placement deadline for you to get it the next day, okay?) Isn’t that amazing? What’s great about Monitech’s very own PanelView Plus 1000 touchscreen is that it comes with the original color overlay, too! 

 And of course, it’s not just the Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 touchscreen that Monitech has in store for you. You just need the PanelView Plus 1000 keypad? We got you covered! Oh, the screen is too dim? You probably just need to replace your backlight. And the list goes on. I honestly think we do have every conceivable Allen Bradley after-market replacement part you would need. No need to stock up on spares because, hey, we do that for you. 

Please note that we support much more than just Allen Bradley HMIs. We support over 300 different brands!! There’s FANUCSiemens, and Charmilles among lots of many others. So, if you have some questions, the answers are probably here. In case not, then let us know– call, chat, or email, whichever works for you. You can also reach us through our socials- Facebook and Twitter. Let us know if you also want us to have an Instagram (and we’ll probably jump on it, too!). Finally, feel free to take your technical skills up a notch by watching our tutorials on YouTube. And don’t forget to give Take2 Electronics some love, too. There are so many discounted offers it feels like it’s Black Friday. 

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