Brilliant & Reliable? 

Close enough. The B&R we’re referring to is the Austrian industrial automation giant that was acquired by ABB 5 years ago. It’s B&R derived from the surnames of its founders- Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer. 


From Eggelsberg to the rest of the world, B&R’s massive product portfolio includes programmable logic controllers (PLC), industrial and embedded PCs, automation software, servo drives and motors, and safety technology among many others. In other words, they probably have whatever industrial solution you need- from customized products to large-scale series production. 


While “Brilliant & Reliable” can easily be attributed to B&R Industrial Automation, the same goes for Monitech and Take2– your trusty industrial display experts. 


And yes, we do have B&R in our long list of brands that we cater to. If you have a Provit 600-4 controller with either the 14” or 12” bulky CRT, we have the exact LCD upgrade kit you need. Not just to replace your broken display but to elevate it to a better display with a sleeker look and feel. The best part is it’s so easy to install that you can do it yourself for sure! 


If you have a B&R CRT that needs replacing but isn’t a Provit 600-4, worry not. We probably can still help you. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there. If you’ve known Monitech and Take2 long enough, you can rest easy with the fact that we’d engineer a solution for you. 


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