You may have wondered, what exactly is a Back Light? where is it used? How does it work (what does it do) and why do I need one.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. All screens, regardless of the make and function use some sort of light emission to light up the screen you and I see. The old CRT style Cathode Ray Tube use an Electron Gun sealed in a glass vacuum to light up the phosphor layer on the inside of the CRT screen. Perhaps you have heard your parents tell you to “Don’t sit so close to the TV!!” That is when the old CRT was known to cause eye irritation and cancer, in rare cases.
    The LCD and LED screens use a much safer method. Think mobile phone, and flat screen TVs. The LCD does not emit light, therefore they use an LED light, either on the back of the screen or on the sides to emit light on the Liquid Crystal Display to show you the image on the screen. Plasma screens work pretty much the same way, they all need a light source to “display” the image on a surface.

Why do I need one

2.  If the current LCD is hard to read and it is very dark, or has dark spots  especially in the corners, your backlight is likely the culprit. The way to change the backlight differs from one screen to the other and it is a delicate operation. You have to open the controller to gain access to the LCD screen, and locate the backlights and remove it. You then use the numbers from this part to Contact Us or visit our website to find a compatible replacement part. Sometimes the backlight and the inverter are faulty (due to age) and the whole LCD must be replaced. You can browse through our catalog to find your specific controller display here.


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