ANILAM 6000M Software 101 

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With reference to the ANILAM 6000M CNC Programming and Operations Manual, here’s a quick rundown of the all the ANILAM 6000M software basics. 


ANILAM 6000M’s controller has different display screens depending on the mode on which it is currently running. It’s important to take note, though, that the procedures and features remain the same. 


  • Pop-Up Menus 

These are temporary menus enabling the operator to make additional selections. Use the arrows on your ANILAM 6000M keypad to move the highlight bar, the enter key to select the highlight option, and the clear key to deactivate the selected function. 


  • Screen Saver 

Pretty much like your typical computer, the ANILAM 6000M display screen goes dim after a certain period of inactivity. Click on any key on the ANILAM 6000M keypad to reactivate it. 


  • Clearing Entries 

Simply press the clear key on the ANILAM 6000M keypad to clear an entry, a line, or a message. 


  • Operator Prompts 

The ANILAM 6000M controller would also prompt the operator should additional information be required. Use the ANILAM 6000M keypad to do so. 


  • CursorThe cursor is a white underline that shows where the characters will be inserted. ANILAM 6000M controller uses either a cursor or a highlight bar as an onscreen indicator. Use the arrow keys on the ANILAM 6000M keypad to move the highlight bar. 


  • Typing Over and Inserting TextThe Typeover mode is the default setting where the newly typed in characters replace the characters marked by the cursor. In the Insert mode, however, the new characters are inserted where the cursor is, and the existing characters are moved to the right. Press F3 on the function keypad to put the CNC in Insert Mode. 


  • Deleting TextUse the cursor to underline the text that ought to be removed and press F4 on the function keypad to proceed with the deletion. 


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