No one else has this design!!

Monitech exclusive design LED backlight (Our part number MB550E) for the Panelview 550 series of controllers is a Good one! The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) light bulb is incandescent, and it runs very hot (Think regular old light bulb with a glowing hot element). So hot that over time, it melts the ends of the fiber optic strands that carry the light to the LCD screen. As this melting and browning of the fiber ends continues the image quality on the screen degrades over time to a point that the controller screen become so dim it is not readable. This results in operator mistakes and waste of material and resources.

The solution is so easy!! Just change the backlight. Of course, if you use another light bulb, you will run into the same issue. So, grab a fresh fiber optic from Monitech and a new low current LED Backlight that runs cool (37 deg C or 90 deg F) to fix the issue. This very popular item is very easy to install, and you will be back up and running in just over 1 hour. We even have a You Tube installation video.

There is yet another solution. Monitech and the affiliated companies also sell the Panelview 550 All-In-One LCD screen that eliminates the need for the current screen, the backlight and fiber optics entirely. One device replaces all 3 (Hence the name All-In-one) You never have to think about a backlight, or Fiber Optics again. As well you are protected by a 1-year warranty. Click here for the You Tube installation video for the exclusive all in one screen.

Please contact us regarding the repair parts for your Panelview series. The large inventory of Panelview and Panelview Plus series as well as System 7 and Series 9. Because they are assembled in Canada, we pride ourselves on very high quality, and we have stock in our Canada head office and USA Warehouse. With access to overnight shipping your downtime is minimized and your productivity in increased as operator error is cut down to a minimum. Contact us for a quote or visit our website today.


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