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Okuma noodle machine 1898The name Okuma is very well known around the globe as one of the automation machinery giants, but they did not start out this way. In 1898 Eiichi Okuma set out to automate the process of Noodle making in Japan. The result was a hand cranked machine that increased productivity 10 fold!!

As time went on, the precision was improved, to a point that automakers started to take note of this invention and asked for the machine to be adapted to mass produce parts. The rest is history!

The OSP style of CNC was introduced in 1963, where the controller would display the cutting tools path in digital form. (OSP stands for Okuma Sampling Path) This is where we come in. The Okuma OSP displays are the old style CRT tube TV, and the same image displayed over time causes a burn-in on the inside of the screen, to a point that you can’t read any other data on the screen.

We carry replacement monitors (CRT to LCD) for OSP500, OSP5000, OSP5020, OSP700, OSP7000, OSPU100, and many more. Please visit our affiliate sites linked below for a complete list of Okuma products. We also offer repair services!
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