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The Panelview line of controllers by Allen Bradley are very popular all over the world. While there are many variations of Panelviews (from 550 all the way up to 1500) this article concentrates on the Panelview 550 products and services. The 550 lines of Panelview controllers have their own variations and part numbers: 

Panelview 550 controller with both the touchscreen and Keypad 

2711-B5A1  2711-B5A14L1  2711-B5A16L3  2711-B5A2L2  2711-B5A8 
2711-B5A10  2711-B5A14L2  2711-B5A1L1  2711-B5A2L3  2711-B5A8L1 
2711-B5A10L1  2711-B5A14L3  2711-B5A1L2  2711-B5A3  2711-B5A8L2 
2711-B5A10L2  2711-B5A15  2711-B5A1L3  2711-B5A3L1  2711-B5A8L3 
2711-B5A10L3  2711-B5A15L1  2711-B5A2  2711-B5A3L2  2711-B5A9 
2711-B5A12  2711-B5A15L2  2711-B5A20  2711-B5A3L3  2711-B5A9L1 
2711-B5A12L1  2711-B5A15L3  2711-B5A20L1  2711-B5A5  2711-B5A9L2 
2711-B5A12L2  2711-B5A16  2711-B5A20L2  2711-B5A5L1  2711-B5A9L3 
2711-B5A12L3  2711-B5A16L1  2711-B5A20L3  2711-B5A5L2   
2711-B5A14  2711-B5A16L2  2711-B5A2L1  2711-B5A5L3   

Panelview 550 controller with the touchscreen only 

2711-T5A10L1  2711-T5A20L1 
2711-T5A12L1  2711-T5A2L1 
2711-T5A14L1  2711-T5A3L1 
2711-T5A15L1  2711-T5A5L1 
2711-T5A16L1  2711-T5A8L1 
2711-T5A1L1  2711-T5A9L1 

Regardless of the OEM part numbers above, pretty much all of Panelview 550 controllers use the same display and HMI (Human Machine Interface) What this means is that you do not have to go to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to get the right part for your broken controller. That is like going to the car dealership to buy tires – you can buy tires that fit your car anywhere. What’s important to know is that the aftermarket parts are likely made by the same company overseas anyway, the only difference is the OEM will charge you much more for the same part – that is if they even have that part in stock. It could be an obsolete line of repair parts that they do not carry any more.  

This is where Monitech and its subsidiaries shine very brightly. The legacy controllers and the display modules are a very important part of the entire machinery. Imagine if the LCD is so dim that you mistake an 8 for a 3, or your keypad is worn out and the touchscreen is unresponsive. Now you are making parts to the wrong specs which can cost you precious time and money.  

I urge you to look at the company that is supplying the aftermarket part closely. Are they an established respected company in the industry, how long have they been in business, do they have a Brick and Mortar building here in North America or are they just a buy and sell (drop ship) guy, do they offer warranty and Technical Support as well as a solid return policy, do they have good reviews on their website and Google? These are very important questions to keep in mind. 

Many times, we fall into the trap of buying the cheapest possible part for a very important device. This usually leads to more costly downtime and necessary upgrades later. Monitech has the Panelview 550 touchscreen as well as the Panelview 550 touchscreen and keypad combo in stock. We even carry the Touchscreen already assembled to the front bezel, easy to install, high quality products, backed by a long history of satisfied clients, and fast delivery is sure to cut your downtime to a minimum. Please contact us for more info or simply purchase online with confidence that you are well protected by the leaders in the controller display aftermarket parts and services. 

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